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Some Christmas Cheer!

Offering at 2017 price - Limited availability.

2G version of the excellent Videx GSM kit.

Reliable 2G kit perfect for audio communication and door opening.

Order before 25 December and get an extra 10% off.

Coupon code XMAS 22-10 VGSM

Special offer!

On all BSTL 900 series audio kits

Order before 25 December get additional 10% discount.

Coupon code XMAS 22-10 BSTL

Special offer on Fermax “Universal” handsets 3431

Get an additional 10% off of this popular “Universal” handset

On the shelf and ready to ship.

Coupon code XMAS 22-10 F

Special introductory offer!

NEW: IP Guard range of products now available from Safelink.

Introductory offer on this 1 way + keypad + proximity wireless video kit and 10% extra off until 25th December.

Coupon code IPXMAS 22-10

Quick Note on some price changes! Order now and beat the increase.

AES - up 6% 1st December - Videx - up 9% 1st January 2023 - BSTL - up 5% 1st February 2023.

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