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Customers should contact Safelink Services to discuss the return and provide details of the item before it is returned. A numbered goods return form will be issued.


The goods return form must be completed; paying particular attention to items 1 to 3 below and emailed back to us as soon as possible.

A copy of the form should be enclosed with the goods when returned.


  1. Reason for return. i.e. faulty/damaged in transit/wrong item ordered/no longer

required etc.

  1. When purchased? We require the relevant invoice number and date.

  2. If faulty please provided specific details of the fault.



The unit(s) should be packed securely (no responsibility will be taken for goods damaged during return) and despatched in an appropriate manner for the items size and value. e.g. Recorded / Special delivery post or Courier. Please ensure sender’s address is on the packaging.


When the unit(s) has been received by Safelink Services it will be examined and a decision will be made on the appropriate course of action to be taken, as follows.


  1. If the unit is not faulty and in a suitable condition for re-sale we may agree to restock and issue a credit. However this course of action will result in a handling charge (minimum of 15%) being applied.


  1. If the unit is not faulty but the unit or packaging is not suitable for re-sale it will be returned to the customer and a carriage charge will be applied. No credit will be issued.


  1. If the unit is faulty, depending on the manufacturer of the product, the unit will be tested at Safelink to confirm the fault before returning to the manufacturer to be repaired. It will be the manufacturers’ decision to repair or replace the faulty unit. Once repaired or replaced the unit will then be returned to the customer.


  1. If a faulty unit is out of warranty the manufacturer may offer a repair and levy a repair charge. We will endeavour to obtain a quote prior to repair but this may not always be possible.


  1. Units returned as faulty that are found on examination, by Safelink or the manufacturer, to be in full working order (NFF) will be returned to the customer and a carriage charge will be applied.


  1. Advance replacement units may be supplied under exceptional circumstances.

  • Units that are despatched, in advance of the faulty unit being returned, will be invoiced.

  • Faulty units MUST be returned back to Safelink within 14 days of receipt of the advance replacement unit.

  • Credits will only be issued when the faulty unit has been returned, tested and proven to be faulty and in warranty.

  • Failure to return within 14 days will affect the credit amount available with an admin levy being applied (minimum 10%) on an increasing scale for every 14 days past the expected return date.





25C Knowl Piece, Wilbury Way, Hitchin. Herts. SG4 0TY

PHONE: 020 8361 2444

Please also refer to our Distance Selling Regulations information.

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