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Comelit IP Quadra kit special price

Price - £1,202.58

currently on special for only £425.00

Are you looking for a great deal on a Comelit IP Quadra Kit? Look no further than this special offer! Originally priced at £1,202.58, this product is currently available for only £425.00. That's a savings of over 60%! Don't miss out on this amazing deal.

The Comelit Quadra Kit8561X IP is supplied to suit a 1 button – 1 family set up.

It can be easily changed into a 2 button/2 family or 4 button/4 family system. Simply change the button as required and purchase additional monitors to suit.

Comelit special price

This video kit has a surface mount entrance panel – sleek and sophisticated and the Comelit Maxi 7" Wi-Fi monitor.

This kit includes:

1 x 4899MK Quadra entry panel

1 x 6842WK Colour monitor with Wi-Fi

1 x 6820 wall bracket

1 x 6817 flush mounted box

1 x 1440 VIP Floor Switch

1 x 1441B Power supply

Comelit special price

Quadra panel:

(W x H x D): 95x195x28 mm

  • Die cast aluminium faceplate, colour camera and a single LED for night time lighting.

  • Mechanical buttons with possibility to set from 1 to 4 call buttons using dip switches.

  • Indicator LEDs for call sent, lock release activated, audio activated and system busy.

  • Adjustment of speaker volume and audio balance.

  • External unit is preprogrammed in DHCP mode with ViP

100 address and the button makes call to the address ViP1

Comelit special price

Maxi monitor:

(W x H x D): 223x124x25mm

  • 7"/ 16:9 touch screen, full-duplex audio with induction loop and soft touch buttons for ViP system.

  • It allows adjustment of the color level, contrast, sound volume and ringtone volume.

  • Fitted with a slot for housing a micro-SD card (not supplied).

  • Customize the ringtone - choosing between different melodies.

  • Door opener pushbutton, voice enabling/disabling pushbutton with relevant signaling LEDs and other buttons for self-ignition, privacy function and other programmable functions.

  • It manages the floor door call and call repetition.

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