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6 weeks of savings !

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

A keypad can be a quick and simple way to gain control over entry through a door or gate.

It can can enable you to maintain control over who can use the entrance in question keeping unauthorised persons from gaining access.

If that keypad is combined with a proximity feature this can give you even more options.

Often there is a choice of methods for restricting entry - keypad only - proximity only or require a proximity card and a code to be entered.

For the next 6 weeks only we have special pricing on some of our keypads unbeatable prices - check them out and find one that suits your requirements.


If you cannot get power to the door in question - why not consider a mechanical coded lock?

All of these products will be 20% less than the usual listed price up until the 16th July .

No special codes to remember! No qualifying purchases!

Just order on-line and get your special promotional price automatically.

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