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Price changes afoot! Keeping you up to date.

Advance notice:

We have been advised of some upcoming price changes and give you notice here so that you can order early and save!

Many suppliers have also increased their carriage charges too so please do get quotes before ordering.

And just to confirm AES prices went up on the 1st December.

Golmar increases were applied on the 1st November.

January changes :

Videx have notified us of a price change due on the 1st January 2023.

This is possibly up to an 9% increase.

Could well be worthwhile getting your orders in before Christmas.

Fermax prices due to be updated on the 4th January 2023

February changes :

Bell System Telephones prices are set to change from the 1st February 2023.

As always BSTL give their customers plenty of notice so that you can forward plane and get your orders in early.

Changes to Comelit prices from the 1st February - up to 8%.

Pac price changes also in the pipeline but as yet not confirmed how much the increase will be or when the new price list will be issued. We have noticed that many PAC parts have new prices applied already so do check pricing before quoting your customers.

The new price list will become effective from the 1st February. Any orders received by the 31st January will have current prices applied.

Please don't leave it too late.

We will add to this list as we here from other suppliers.

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